Crowdmix mobile app



Before coming to Microsoft, I did some freelance UX/UI work for the company Crowdmix. Despite the very public disgrace that this company is now known for, I’m quite pleased with the work that I did for them during the short period I was there. Along with another UX designer, I created a finished plan for how the app architecture could be organised to withstand a large expansion in functionality after the first release. I also created UI layouts and motion prototypes that solved many of the technical and visual problems they were suffering from.

When I left to join Microsoft, I interviewed a designer to replace me and everything was looking to be moving along nicely. I don’t know what happened!



App Architecture

Below is an example of an early map of the overall application, I would develop these quickly as a method of forging consensus between the company stakeholders and the development team. This allowed us to quickly agree on an MVP product while giving the UI team enough information to plan visual deliverables.

Early UI mockups

Here are some examples of polished mockups I created to help us sort through proposed visual and navigation choices. At this stage, we were unsure whether V1 should be dark or light (or a mixture) and we had four navigation patterns to decide between.


Motion prototypes

Below is an example of a mockup I created in After Effects to help us agree on an overall motion style.


Later UI mockups

Below are two polished UI mockups I created to help us choose our visual style and validate our favourite navigation patterns.