About me

I'm the head of UX/UI at Passacaglia Design in London. I have 14 years of experience working on applications and games for IOS, Android, Windows, Hololens, Ubuntu Touch, Voice Assistant (Cortana), Xbox One and Playstation 3.

My speciality is to lead design teams on various types of project: everything from tiny startup applications to large-scale corporate applications. My approach is to remove obstacles from the paths of other designers, allowing them to shine as much as possible and acting as a support rather than a point of sign-off.

My attitude to design is always practical, collaborative and user-focused. 

I'm an active musician with a MMUS in composition from the Royal Conservatoire in Scotland. When not designing, Iā€™m writing music for live performances, film and video games.

I also run a YouTube channel called Tantacrul, where I discuss various topics related to music and design. Based on the growing popularity of this channel, I occasionally get invited to speak at conferences in various places around the world.