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Hi there!

I'm a lead product designer (AKA: UX/UI designer) currently working at Microsoft in London. My main focus is on the continued improvement of Paint 3D for Windows 10.

I'm also an active musician with a MMUS in composition from the Royal Conservatoire in Scotland. My work is performed regularly in the UK and Ireland.

I also run a YouTube channel called Tantacrul, where I discuss various topics related to music and design. Based on the growing popularity of this channel, I occasionally get invited to speak at conferences in various places around the world. For some reason, it's nearly always to do with the topic of Sonification!


This site is currently under construction so some of the projects are still using dummy copy which I'm progressively replacing with 'real' copy over time. I estimate this site will be completely finished by the beginning of August 2018.

Martin Keary

July, 2018